The Little House at Sunnybrook Farm

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Wildflower Sisterhood

Wildflower Sisterhood, our origin story. 

Our story began one golden-lit morning seated around a farmhouse table in the little yellow house at Sunny Brook Farm. A small group of women, poets, artists, clergy, counselors, and musicians, gathered to answer one question. 

What beauty can we create in this place? 

One after another, we dared to dust off old dreams and speak them aloud again. Each idea sparked more ideas and in the course of one morning together we imagined multi-themed retreats, celebration events, and ways to inspire community, all while we munched guacamole. One sister even penned a children’s book, that was begging to be written, as she swayed on the back porch swing. That morning we knew something magical was being born…and it was us. 

When we started, we didn’t know what we would be, but by the end of our day together it was clear.  

The Wildflower Sisterhood is a circle of guides who facilitate creativity, spirituality, healing, freedom, and connection.